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If this is a new company that you are just now starting (and you don't have a registered agent), select "New Entity". If this is a company that already has a registered agent, select "Existing Entity"
This should be your Entity/Company name EXACTLY how you filed it with the state. It should include all spaces, dots/periods, pre-fixes and post-fixes (like LLC, or L.L.C or Inc. Etc.)
Domestic Limited Liability Company - This is what is generally referred to as an LLC - if you are registering a company for the first time, this is probably what you're looking for. Foreign Limited-Liability Company - This is an LLC that is already operating in a different state and wants to open a physical presence in Delaware Domestic Profit Corporation - This is generally a "Corporation", the companies that have stock and "Inc." at the end of their names. Foreign Corporation - A corporation that is already registered in a different state and wants to do open an office/physical presence Delaware
If you want to get the registered agent service for a longer period of time, you can do that here. You can always renew every year, just don't forget!
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